Travel Tips


  • You don’t need visa or special permission to visit Argentina*.
  • Buenos Aires International Airport is Ministro Pistarini (EZE), is 35Km (20 miles) away from Buenos Aires City.

Money, Language and Units:

  • The Argentine unit of currency is the peso (AR$). Prices are quoted in Argentine pesos unless otherwise noted.
  • Carrying cash and an ATM card is the way to go in Argentina.
  • The most widely accepted credit cards are Visa and MasterCard, though American Express and a few others are also valid in many establishments. Before you leave home, warn your credit-card company that you’ll be using it abroad or it may put a hold on the card thinking it was lost.
  • Language in Argentina is Spanish, and system of measurement is Metric  Distances are measured in Kilometers and temperature in Celsius Degrees.
  • Time in Buenos Aires is about 4 hours less than in Europe, is 1 hour more than in New York, and 4 hours more than in Los Angeles.

Climate and Clothes:

  • The climate in Buenos Aires is fairly good all year round. Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere, so winter is from June to September and summer is from December to March.
  • Average day temperature at winter is about 15°C (60F), and at summer is about 25°C (75F)
  • If you’re visiting Argentina during the winter you will need warm jumpers and jackets. During spring/autumn the weather can be changeable. Summer is generally very hot so bring plenty of sunscreen, a hat and lighter clothes.
  • Most items required by the traveler can be purchased in Argentina.


  • Buenos Aires has a reliable and very cheap train, underground and bus network which successfully moves a huge number of people around the city each day. Taxis are safe.


  • In Buenos Aires all kind of food is easily accessible.


  • Laundry services in Buenos Aires are easy to find. They are fairly efficient and normally wash and dry your clothes within 24 hours.


  • The communication infrastructure is fairly sophisticated in Argentina and you’ll have no problems contacting home by phone or internet.

*If you are a US, Australian or Canadian citizen, you will need to pay a reciprocity fee before you enter Argentina. This fee is aimed to charge equally to citizens of those countries that charge Argentinian citizens to obtain their Visa. This fee may vary depending on your nationality, and you can pay it in your origin airport.