Medical Advice

The organizers would like you to prepare properly for the marathon finish at the same time enjoy the same, so I invite you to follow the following medical recommendations:

Before the race:

1. The week before the race decrease the intensity of your workout. Three to four days before the event do a workout at low or moderate intensity (soft). The two days before the race did not alter the rhythm of sleep, do not change your eating habits or drink alcohol.

2. Prepare in advance the right clothing: hat for sun protection, comfortable sportswear, use light colors, soft-soled shoes and high heel.

3. Remember NOT to use belts, plastic or warm clothes to lose weight or burn fat, because they dehydrate.

4. While training your body loses fluids, for this reason you must return them permanently. Start hydrate your body the day before the race and during the morning in the two hours prior to the start.

The day of the race:

1. For no reason the race go without breakfast, it is best to eat breakfast to which you are accustomed in moderate portions before the competition. Avoid excess fat and salty food. Start two hours before competition a process of pre-hydration is to take 100 cc liquid every half hour until the output. (more details see next chapter: “Nutrition and Hydration” by Dr. Alberto Ricart.)
During the tour:

2. Regulate your energy, reserve for the second half of the course, if you need help, try to advance to the next checkpoint. In each km are wizards that can help If not possible, transiting support staff will assist you in moving vehicle, wait for him to attend.

3. Drink water all hydration stations, but in small quantities, do not overdo. Hydrate little or too much is inappropriate and can lead to serious health problems such as dehydration, heat stroke, etc.. (more details see chapter “Nutrition and Hydration.” by Dr. Alberto Ricart.)

4. Spread on a usual step despite others to pass.

5. Each point of mileage will be signaled by a line with the number of kilometers on the floor and a large poster, easily visible so that you can properly control your pace of competition. And properly manage their energy, as they will be needed to achieve the goal without any problems or suffering.

Health problems that may arise during the course:

If you have a cramp, immediately stop, stretch the affected muscle and take a sports drink before resuming the march. Restart the race slowly and gradually, increase your pace slowly.

Side Stitches Spleen-pain:
To control it should change the rhythm of breathing. If affected his right side, exhale as strongly in his left foot onto the floor. Do the opposite when its left side. If that does not work, decrease the pace and make a smooth and continuous pressure on the sore spot.

Sprains / Strains:
If you sprain your ankle stop running immediately. Walk slowly, sometimes after walking a couple of minutes the pain goes away and you can keep running. If the pain continues or gets worse, then it will be a moderate or severe sprain, stop running and place ice on your ankle as soon as possible.

If you need to withdraw from the race for any reason, notify the point nearest first aid. Your name will be registered and the message will be sent to the Organizing Committee and the Medical Service.

At the finish:

1. Upon arrival at the goal, do not stop, keep walking or jogging slowly up out of the arrival area. Failure to do so may place their time and are not registered.

2. In that area training routine practice 5 to 10 minutes in the warm-down to replenish your muscles, perform stretching exercises.

3. Relax, enjoy and celebrate with the other participants have arrived at the META. Congratulations.

For your SAFETY during the race note:

– Placed on agreed em linha com or estimated seu tempo run. Note that for o tempo existem sinalizações atingir estimated to goal. A prova é longa, avoid empurrão um ou cair.
– Não da deixe or official percurso run, jog or cliff você acidentes, and também be desclassificado powerful.
– Avoid ou cuspir assoar or nose. It você deve I take care to afetar outros.
– Tweaking velocidade to run quando uma approximates ou água estação of Ajuda.
– It você ou decide to abrandar to pé, detach-side is slowly or stop não da estrada e meio no dela, think we outros.
– Take com uma mão Não ao longo da broken. É proibido e perigoso.
– Do not give Primeiras Apine em tables around hidratação, continue to poucos meters à front olunteers FARAO or Atende-seu melhor for it.
– Ao rule ou água bags you drink hidratação oculi, faça or side-or da rua, fora da “running track”.
– Family and friends Report Irão event and compete not eventually fazer a viagem com os seus parceiros of treino, this é mais encorajador and secure.

Manage energy from the start of the Marathon, will be safer and more enjoyable.

Prof. Dr. Alberto Ricart