Training Tips

Number of points to consider before a person run his first marathon:



Try to do before running a marathon, have previous experience in shorter distances (eg: if you want to run 21 k have made runs of 10 and 15 km, if you want to run first marathon, having run 21k), the racing schedule Argentina offers a good proposal for such careers progression away. For this you need a pre-planned race. In this way the debut you will not find with surprise that the 42 km were longer than they imagined.


The marathon is a long and very demanding test, which will expose the body to a great effort, so it is necessary to know what our physical condition, because in many cases one can feel in good shape and yet the reality is another, especially when an adult starts a sport after 30 or 40 years of sedentary lifestyle and smoking. It is appropriate to perform a stress test or treadmill test. It is also good to have complementary studies such as electrocardiogram and undergo a medical questionnaire to ensure they have no personal or family history of heart. With more reason people over 35 years with cardiovascular risk factors, hypertension, high cholesterol or diabetes.


I have a saying: “running is not just running” For any sport, you should have a proper physical preparation to reduce the level of risk of injury. In a half marathon or a marathon both the muscles and the joints are thousands of times the impact of body weight multiplied by 3, good muscle that will protect us from injury. Do not limit yourself to the weights in the gym and performs other sports such as cycling to strengthen legs and swimming to strengthen torso and arms.


each individual has a different physical ability, so before you run a marathon you must have a training plan that fits your skills in both volume and intensity. It is very important that you train someone with experience, proper training and that is realistic and not someone who we believe false expectations or worse, train ourselves with plans downloaded from the Internet or magazine with articles such as “down 3 hours in the marathon. “

A inadecuando training as consequences it can bring you exhaust yourself before the marathon, race or injure you leave with tears, stress fractures, torn ligaments, etc..


the motivational is more than important both in training and during the marathon.
What we can help with crucial kms (passing 30 km) is trained to know that responsibly, I did the volume and intensity adequate and proper food, that is, have a clear conscience, and to put somehow, knowing that everything that has to do with respect to training was well done, will give us a lot of security when the ghosts touch you face physical and psychological exhaustion typical marathon.

Finally I want to mention the important role of motivation from the coach, family and team. No doubt the team dynamics will contribute to the athlete’s individual success.

This is a short summary of the thousands of aspects to take into account long-winded competition. While things can happen during a marathon countless mishaps, consider these points, we are going to take way to the finish with better results and with more confidence.

by Santiago Cisneros